Pet Spas

June 16, 2020

Pet Spas

Does your pup need a spa day? It’s no question that as a society, we’re dog-obsessed, but did you know there are actual pet spas and spa services just for dogs?

If your pooch is smelly, shaggy, or just needs a little TLC, check out these services sure to make your dog’s tail wag a little extra.

Doggie Bath

This is the number one reason people take their pup to a “spa.” Having a clean dog is much better than having a stinky one, not to mention a lot of dogs hate being bathed at home. At a pet spa, your dog can have special services with their bath, like a blow-dry or even a doggy facial.

Dog Pedicure

Keeping your dog’s nails in good condition means preventing them from getting too long. Long nails can lead to scratches on skin and floors, loud walking, and a pup pedicure will also trim overgrown hair on the dog’s paws. Treat your dog to a pawdicure to combat their discomfort and yours.

Coat Conditioning

A conditioning treatment on your dog’s coat can be beneficial for several reasons. A hypoallergenic conditioner helps maintain the natural oil’s in your dog’s coat and can lessen shedding. Conditioning treatments will also help with your dog’s odor and coat texture, especially in dogs with long hair.

Dog Massage

Having your dog massaged has tons of benefits including stress and anxiety relief, and promotes overall wellbeing. Additionally, a massage can decrease blood pressure, improve lymphatic fluid movement, boost his immune system, and aid in digestion. Dog massage has also been used as a healing aid if a dog has been injured. Consult your veterinarian before taking your dog for a massage at a spa or giving him one yourself, which is a great way to strengthen your bond!

Think a spa day for your dog is over-the-top? Regular grooming is an essential part of being a good paw parent with ample health benefits. Vet’s offices often have groomers on staff because good hygiene is considered part of preventative care. Groomers, pet spas, they’re just what your pup needs to look and feel his best!


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