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5 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day for Pets

February 11, 2021

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start brainstorming some ways to celebrate with your furry Valentine!

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for showing your pet how much you love them on Valentine’s Day.

Treat Your Pet

While your pet may be unable to enjoy a decadent box of chocolates, they can still enjoy many other treats. Be creative with this!

Pick up or DIY a unique, pet-friendly treat from a pet bakery to spoil your pet with or buy them their favorite, special chewy to gnaw on while you watch a romantic comedy together. Find a recipe online for pupcakes or another pet-friendly dessert.  Treat them to some refreshing, like safe fruit options.

Whatever you choose, they’ll be sure to be delighted!

Make Valentine Day Cards

This one will take a little preplanning and willingness on your pet’s part. Try your hand (and their paw!) at making Valentine’s cards to send out to friends and family. Not only will your friends and family be delighted to receive snail mail, but when they see their favorite granddog’s or furry friend’s pawprint on the front of the card, they’ll be touched!

Make sure to thoroughly clean your pet’s paw if you choose to do this. Both before and after ink application!

Have A Photo Shoot

Many of us are still quarantining at home, but with a little creativity, there are countless ways to take some snazzy Valentine’s Day themed photos of your pet.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Hang up a festive tablecloth, skirt, or blanket as a backdrop for your pet.

  • Scatter red rose petals around them. (Watch to make sure they don’t eat them!)

  • Take pictures of your pet eating a delicious Valentine’s Day treat.

  • Purchase some Valentine’s Day decorations or heart-shaped balloons to decorate the scene.

  • Depending on your pet’s willingness, dress them up for the photoshoot. For a simpler option, place a red or pink bandana on them to set the mood.

Date Night With Your Pet

Ask your pet out on a date! Dedicate an evening entirely to them and what they love doing with you the most.

A few date night ideas to get you started:

  • Take them on a leisurely walk through the park.

  • Play their favorite game: fetch, tug of war, or set up a puzzle toy for them.

  • Take them to a local pet-friendly pet shop and pick out a new toy or treat for them. Just walking around the store will be loads of fun for them!

  • Teach them a new trick.

  • Pamper them with a massage.

  • Take your pet to a drive-in or pet-friendly restaurant.

  • Stay in and have a fun movie night while snuggling on the couch together.

Whatever you choose, they’ll have a fun time knowing that you put in a little extra effort for your “date!”

Give Them The Ultimate Gift

While not as traditional as a “box of chocolates” for your pet, pet insurance is the ultimate gift. Your pet’s health dramatically affects their happiness, and dog insurance or cat insurance reimburses you for eligible medical expenses so that you can feel good knowing that you have a safety net in place should something happen to your pet.

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