5 Best Ways To Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday – Happy Birthday Dog!

December 2, 2022

Dog's birthday

Happy birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…Happy birthday to your beautiful doggo! It is a special day for you and your four-legged baby. And who doesn’t like to celebrate birthdays? For our birthdays we go for family dinners, parties with friends, probably on a date with the better half (if you have one), and hundreds of other things come to our minds. We might also plan a trip, most probably to Vegas! By the way, if you hadn’t thought of it, you’re welcome to the idea. Who doesn’t like to gamble away and get sloshed on their birthdays? Of course, only if you’re above the legal age.

But when it comes to our doggies’ birthdays, we often tend to fall short on ideas. This is probably because our babies can’t really express what they want to do! They won’t even know it’s their birthday. But it serves as a day for us to thank them for their amazing companionship, loyalty, and love. Read more about how do dog years work.

So, we’ve curated some ideas for you to celebrate your doggo’s birthday!

1. Host a Pet’s only Birthday Party

We know this came across your mind as well, but this is a classic and yet remains one of the best ideas out there. Call all your pet-parents buddies and invite them over to a pet-themed party. Now, if you’ve never done this, it’s okay to keep it small. Invite a couple of your dog’s buddies along with their parents and have a nice small gathering. Any occasion is incomplete without friends. So, when your dog sees all his buddies together, he/she is definitely going to start bouncing. You can make all the dogs dress up with some party caps and funky clothes. You can then host some doggie games like tug of war, some agility trick games, etc. And can then end the night by feeding the dogs delicious treats. To make it more exciting, ask them to dress up like their own pets in some way. Make it a theme party.

Cautions: Do not feed the dogs the same cake as we humans eat. They are very sugary and might lead to stomach upsets. Avoid whipped cream. There are dog-friendly cakes available. Try them!

2. Explore nature with your dog

We are sure that your dog loves to walk. The stamina and energy levels might differ from breed to breed but in general, dogs love to walk around. And you obviously make sure that your dog gets his/her daily dose of a walk around your house or in a park. But today’s not a normal day. It’s your dog’s birthday. So, even the walk should be special. How about taking him/her to explore a new trail? A small hike in the woods or a visit to a new park would definitely be a good idea. Didn’t we love it when our parents took us somewhere new for our birthdays or even on a normal day? Your dog will too. And this way, even you get to breathe in pure elements of nature and revitalize yourself.

Cautions: There might be insects and moths around, so keep your dog protected from them by applying a repellant. Some dogs may have anxiety when introduced to a new place. Make sure you comfort him/her and always keep them on a leash.

3. New toy for the dog

Remember the excitement when your parent’s used to bring a new toy wrapped in bubble wrap or gift paper and you can’t wait to open it and check what was inside? Well, your dog will have the same level of excitement and will be equally happy to play with the new toy. Balls and frisbees, ropes and woven toys for tugging, or a soft toy in the shape of another dog are some good ideas. But make sure you spend time with the dog after gifting the toy. The responsibility doesn’t end at just paying for the toy. Your dog wants your affection more than anything.

Caution: Avoid pointed toys which can harm your dog’s gums, because he’s definitely going to put it in his/her mouth. Make sure you clean the toy every time it’s taken outside to play to avoid the germs going inside your dog’s mouth.

4. Swim-Team

Dogs love to swim and most of them are excellent swimmers. So, if it’s a nice warm sunny day, you can plan a beach day. Make your dog wear some cool clothes and a pair of goggles (Just for the gram!) and take it along in the waters with you. You will see how happy the dog is the moment it enters the waters. And if you know how to surf, there’s nothing better than that! Let the dog hop onto your surfboard and ride the waves. But do not leave the dog alone and make sure you keep an eye all the time and stay in close proximity. In this way, you’ll also have a lot of pictures to upload with your doggo.

Caution: Not all dogs can swim. So do check for your breed if they can swim. Stay in the shallows all the time. We don’t want the risk of high tides drowning your pup.

5. Time for a Make-over

Who doesn’t like to look dashing on their birthday? Another excellent idea is to take your dog for a complete pamper session. Start with a grooming session which includes hair and nail trimming, teeth and ears cleaning, etc. Add a spa session to it. A deep-soothing massage is probably the best gift you can give anyone. You’ll probably use this as a reason to give yourself a spa day as well. Get some new clothes and a nice collar for your dog. Dress him/her up like you’re going to make his matrimony profile. And then have a photographer come and shoot some cool pictures of your handsome doggy.

Caution: Your Instagram following is going to definitely increase once you post pictures of your handsome dog.

All of these are some great ways to spend a special day with your dog. And this way, even you can take a break from work and play around with him/her. And do remember, whatever plan you make, do not forget to show love and affection from time to time. In the end, that’s all that matters. Your dog is going to have an amazing time. You better keep a towel ready as your face is going to be licked a lot that day.

A very Happy Birthday to your doggo again!


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