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Selecting which pet insurance provider to use is a personal decision. There are many factors to consider, like, does this company have my pet’s best interest in mind?

Our pets are part of our pack, and it’s essential we treat them with the same respect as our human family. SPOT prides itself on providing high-quality pet insurance with a range of coverage options.

See how Embrace Pet Insurance and Spot Pet Insurance programs differ in key areas.

SPOT Pet Insurance Covers Therapeutic Diets and Dietary Supplements

Your veterinarian may recommend prescription food that’s specific to your pet’s health conditions, such as digestive, dental, or kidney care. There are also many supplements your veterinarian may suggest to promote good health for your furry companion. For instance, L-Carnitine to support healthy heart function, and Omega-3 fatty acids can help pets with cognitive disorders.

SPOT Pet Insurance plans include coverage for therapeutic diets and supplements when prescribed by a licensed vet to treat covered conditions (not for general maintenance or weight management).

Embrace offers coverage for supplements, but as an add on for an extra expense.

SPOT Pet Insurance Includes Microchipping

The best way to protect your pet from being lost or stolen is to microchip them. The microchip implant is around the size of a grain of rice. The best part is microchipping is permanent; it allows someone with a microchip scanner to contact you when or if your pet is lost.

For the safety of all pets, SPOT Pet Insurance includes microchipping in core plans.

Again, Embrace offers this feature, but at an extra cost.

SPOT Doesn’t Have an Extended Waiting Period for Orthopedics

While SPOT and Embrace share the same 14-day waiting period for Accident & Illness Coverage, Embrace doesn’t extend this to orthopedic conditions (which include hip dysplasia, ligament tears, intervertebral disc disease, arthritis, and bone fractures and cancers). For these conditions, Embrace has a 6-month waiting period, which means any orthopedic conditions identified within the first 6 months of your policy may be considered pre-existing and any treatments you seek will not be covered.

To have the 6-month waiting period reduced, customers need to have an orthopedic exam performed by their vet within the first 14 days of their policy activation. The exam is not covered by Embrace unless the customer has added Embrace Wellness Rewards to their policy. At SPOT, orthopedic conditions are given the same 14-day waiting period without any exam needed.

SPOT Pet Insurance Has No Upper Age Limits

At SPOT, we know that older pets tend to be more prone to needing extensive care. That’s why no matter the age, Spot Pet Insurance plans have no age limits for new enrollments.

Embrace limits their new enrollments to dogs and cats under the age of 14 years old.

SPOT Offers 10% Multi-Pet Discount in 50 States

SPOT wants to make sure all of your pets are protected, which is why SPOT Pet Insurance plans offer a 10% discount on multiple pets.

Embrace has a 10% discount in some states, but a 5% discount on others. If you’re looking to insure multiple pets or you think you might add a new pet to your family in the future, you’ll want to check the Embrace multiple pet discount for your state.

We hope you find the best fit to keep your furry companion protected. We’d love to have you as part of the SPOT family, check out your free quote today.

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