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Top 70 Names for White Cats in 2023

December 22, 2021

Names for White Cats 

Not sure what to name a white cat? If you’re thinking about bringing a new feline home, it’s understandable that you want to pick out the perfect name for your gorgeous white kitty. Whether you have a Russian White, Ragdoll, White Bengal, or Persian, we have a name for your white kitten. 

With the new year just around the corner, we deemed it fitting to compile a list of the best white cat names for you to choose from in the year 2023. We hope you find the perfect name that fits not only your cat’s light coloring but their unique and quirky personality, too.

White Female Cat Names

Your new female white cat or white kitten is surely going to be your favorite furry family member. It might be difficult to come up with an all white cat name, but don’t worry, we’ve come up with some popular name ideas for white cats.

Here are the top 35 most popular white cat names for 2023, with detailed explanations and meanings for each:

  1. Snow – A classic cat name for a cat that is as white as snow.

  2. Glacier – If your kitty reminds you of giant, glacier icebergs, then this is the name for you.

  3. Casper – Just like the friendly ghost!

  4. Luna (Moon) – Another word for the moon in Spanish.

  5. Alaska – A popular northern, snowy state that would make a good name for a white female cat.

  6. Icy – Is your white cat’s personality as cold as ice? Perhaps they have piercing blue eyes?

  7. Angel – A popular cat name, and for good reason! Maybe your kitty companion is constantly looking out for you.

  8. Flake – A small fleck of snow that melts to the touch. Perfect for any heart-melting companion.

  9. Powder – Many powders are white in color, a suitable name for your white kitten.

  10. Pearl – A symbol for wisdom, calmness, and safety, naming your kitty Pearl would be perfect if they show these qualities.

  11. Cotton – A name for the white, fibrous material used in many textiles and goods.

  12. Blanco – Spanish for “white”.

  13. Daisy – A popular white flower.

  14. Sapphire – Like the deep blue birthstone, this is a great name for a white cat with blue eyes.

  15. Gardenia – Delicate, white flowers that are beautiful in any home, much like your cat.

  16. Aster – A popular wildflower with a few color variations, white is among the most popular.

  17. Champagne – The infamous light-colored sparkling wine, this name is perfect for your lively kitty.

  18. Chardonnay – A type of white wine, your sophisticated kitty might fit this name precisely.

  19. Cream – Maybe your white kitty is more cream than white. That’s okay! Cream is an adorable name for a cat.

  20. Mayo – A silly name for a cat, but also a pretty tasty sandwich dressing.

  21. Vanilla – Is your cat as sweet as vanilla ice cream?

  22. Feta – Does your cat like to smile? Maybe you should name them after your favorite cheese then!

  23. Mozzarella – A cute, playful name for a cat that is always looking for fun.

  24. Marshmallow – Looking for a white fluffy cat name? Look no further, Marshmallow symbolizes a perfectly round, squishy, lovable cat.

  25. Swiss – Your favorite snowy, alpine country, but also another type of cheese. 

  26. Aspen – a unique girl cat name for white-colored cats based on the popular skiing and snowboarding vacation spot.

  27. Birch – A unique and simple name for the tree with light-colored bark. Perfect if your cat likes to climb cat trees!

  28. Ivory – A creamy white color, much like the keys of a piano. Is your feline more vocal? Maybe this musically-inclined name would be perfect for her!

  29. Jasmine – Jasmine is a beautiful name and can be reminiscent of pale-colored jasmine rice.

  30. Shiro – The Japanese word for “white”.

  31. Sugar – A sweet, white granular substance used all around the world. Perfect for a sweet cat!

  32. Dove – Is your cat graceful like this beautiful white bird? If so, Dove may be a great name for her.

  33. Milky – A cute name for a cat that reminds you of this sweet breakfast beverage.

  34. Bunny – Does your kitty act more like a rabbit, running around everywhere? Maybe a name like Bunny would suit them!

  35. Cosmo – Another flower name for a beautiful, white flower that blooms in the early summer.

White Male Cat Names

A male white cat is sure to bring your family immense joy. While many pet parents opt for a female cat, male cats are just as lovely for your home, so why not give them just as great a name?

Here are the 35 best white cat names for boys in 2023, with meaning and explanation for each cat name:

  1. Everest – One of the best white kitten names, Everest is as tall and strong as the mountain of the same name.

  2. Yuki – Japanese for “snow”.

  3. Frost/Frosty – Does your cat like playing in the snow? Frosty is the perfect name for a cat who takes a liking to cold weather.

  4. Alabaster – A soft type of rock often ground for making plaster. Nevertheless, its name has a classic sound to it.

  5. Cappuccino – A perfect white kitten name for a male cat that is reminiscent of your favorite coffee drink.

  6. Quartz – A solid white cat name for the strong, hard stone or crystal that is often clear. 

  7. Noodles – Is your cat long and playful like a bowl of noodles? Maybe this is the best name for them.

  8. Rice – While we have food on the brain, Rice is a cute name for a light-colored cat, too.

  9. Tofu – A cute white kitten name if your kitty is soft and squishy like this plant-based food!

  10. Hail/Hale – Hail is a cute name for a cat that might be rough around the edges, but melts your heart at the same time, just like hail in the colder months.

  11. Domino – Does your cat have a distinct spot on their white fur? Domino is a cute name to show their spots off.

  12. Bolt – A popular character from Disney.

  13. Jaws – The infamous great white shark.

  14. Shaun – The famous white sheep or Shaun White, professional snowboarder.

  15. Phantom – Does your cat have a haunting presence? Phantom might be the perfect name for them.

  16. Spirit – Maybe your cat is always there to pick you up when you’re feeling down. Spirit is a great name for a cat that embodies someone in particular in your life that comforts you.

  17. Whisper – Is your cat quiet but you always know they are nearby? Whisper is a great white male kitten name for them.

  18. Boo – Does your cat sneak up on you and sometimes scare you? Why not name them Boo!

  19. Bark – A play on words for the type of tree covering and also the sound a dog makes.

  20. Cliff – A masculine name for a cat.

  21. Berg – Short for iceberg, or “mountain” in German.

  22. Cirrus/Cyrus – A type of wispy cloud.

  23. Nova – Nova is a star reference to a large burst of light in space.

  24. North – Perhaps your kitty is your guiding northern star, helping guide you in life. A name like North is sure to inspire guidance.

  25. Walker – Exactly like the cold White Walkers in the Game of Thrones tv series.

  26. Yeti – Is your white kitty a menace? Maybe they pick fights with other animals? Then Yeti might be appropriate for them!

  27. Polar – Like the cold weather bear, Polar is a great name for a white cat.

  28. Ghost – On par with Phantom, Ghost is a great name for a white cat who is silent but always watching.

  29. Sky – A name for a cat that is as light as the sky.

  30. Bones – A unique name for a boy cat.

  31. Weiss/Weiß – German for the color “white”.

  32. Nimbus – Short for cumulonimbus clouds.

  33. Salt/Salty – Like the grain of the earth, a name like Salty could be perfect for a cat whose personality is fitting.

  34. Moscato – Fancy yourself a fancy cat? Perhaps they are as sweet as this light wine.

  35. Denver – A popular skiing and snowboarding vacation spot, it’s a nice name for a cold weather-loving outdoor cat.

Inspired by any of the names listed above? We hope you were able to find the perfect name for your new feline! These names can fit most light-colored cats, but remember that the name should fit the cat’s personality, too. We also have a more more generic list of names for cats

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