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Cat Scratching Everything?!

May 20, 2020

Cat Scratching Everything

Our cats are lovable, fluffy members of our family who sometimes exhibit incredibly annoying and destructive behavior: scratching; destroying furniture, carpeting, even hardwood floors.

If your cat has a problem with destructive scratching, consider these safe, effective ways to change this behavior. While cat insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, you can get coverage for preventive care.

Always check with your veterinarian first to make sure these behaviors aren’t caused by an underlying condition.

1. Invest in scratching posts.

These posts are specifically designed to allow a cat to scratch their brains out while preventing damage to your furniture. Having one for your cat will deter them from using your couch, bed, or carpet.

2. Invest in multiple scratching posts and various types.

Fortunately, there are a lot of different cat scratching posts on the market including carpeted “trees,” rope, cardboard, or ones made of wood. Providing your cat with a few options is sure to both discourage them from using furniture and make them very happy.

3. Make the scratching posts exciting for your cat.

Once you set up the various cat “trees” or “condos,” sprinkle them with catnip or put their favorite toys near them, this will entice and excite your cat and make them more likely to use them.

Plus, it helps deter any fear or anxiety your cat may face with the new additions to the home.

4. Use a deterrent product to take the pleasure out of scratching your furniture.

These products include double-sided tape, clear, plastic protectors, or covering the area with tin foil. Doing this will break your cat’s bad habit by making it less enjoyable.

5. Keep your cat’s nails trimmed.

Start trimming your cat’s nails as early as possible so they become used to it. Use sharp clippers and do it every 2-3 weeks. Ask your vet for a demonstration if you’re unsure how to do it safely and efficiently.

We love our cats, and they love to scratch. Remember, scratching is part of being a cat, it’s something that is natural and healthy for them. The goal isn’t for them to stop scratching altogether, only to scratch in a way that isn’t destructive to your home.

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