Cat Breeds Which Are Similar To Dog Breeds?

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Cat Breeds Which Are Similar To Dog Breeds

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Maybe you want a feline friend who can pal around with your pup, maybe you’re allergic to dog hair but have always wanted a dog, or maybe you just want a cat that is hypoallergenic! No matter what the reason may be, there are many reasons to go for cat breeds who have doglike qualities. They may follow you around the house, love a good cuddle, and can even sometimes learn to play fetch!  

Continue reading to learn about cat breeds that typically have characteristics that are similar to dogs.   

What behaviors do dogs and cats have in common?

Cats and dogs have always been seen as opposite pets. Although dogs are dependent and love physical touch to be happy, cats are independent and aloof. However, they’re not as different as they may seem.  

Both pets express themselves through their body language. They move their ears, tails, bodies, and faces to communicate with us and with each other! They specifically rely on their strong senses of smell to get acquainted with new environments and other animals. They also both display territorial instincts and like having their own space.   

Lastly, both have an amazing ability to form meaningful bonds with their human companions. Sometimes they may show their affection in different ways but both cats and dogs enjoy human company and want our love and attention.    

Cat breeds who commonly act like dogs

So, what cat breeds commonly display doglike characteristics? 


The first notable breed is the Abyssinian cat. These long and lean cats are both adventurous and curious. They love to play and crave your attention. They can be taught to fetch and perform tricks and can even walk on a leash if trained! Surprisingly, these cats also seem to love the water. Abyssinians form strong bonds with their owners and can become very attached to all members of the household. They require more attention than the typical cat and can get depressed if they are left all alone too often.  


Ragdolls are known for their beautiful pointed coats and their dazzling blue eyes. What many people don’t know about them is that they are incredibly docile and adore human touch. They even get their name from their tendency to flop and turn into a “ragdoll,” when held in your arms! These cats are calm, laidback, and get along well with kids and other animals. They like to share their space with you and will likely greet you when you walk through the door, follow you around the house, and try to sleep in your bed with you. While they do enjoy your attention, they are independent enough to be left alone from time to time. 

Maine Coon 

Maine Coons have a reputation for being extremely loyal, gentle, and cuddly. Unlike many other cats, this breed seems to enjoy water, so don’t be surprised if they follow you into the bath or shower! In addition, they also enjoy exploring the outdoors with you so consider leash training your cat if you decide to adopt this breed. Maine Coons love to play with you but also enjoy their alone time. They are a vocal breed, so expect some chirping if they aren’t getting enough attention! Here’s is a list of all the colors of Maine Coon cats as well as how much does a maine coon cat cost. 


The Burmese cat will want nothing more than to spend all their time with you. They can be a little clingy, but they make excellent companions. They are intelligent and eager to please, so they can be trained to fetch easily. Burmese cats are easygoing and get along with everyone but be sure to give them enough opportunities to play or they can act out. This is a highly vocal breed so expect some noise. 


Bombay cats – commonly nicknamed “Velcro cats” – will never leave your side. They warm up quickly to strangers and will likely greet you and your guests at the door. These panther-looking cats are interactive and outgoing. They are incredibly social, love attention, and don’t seem to be afraid of loud noises, making them a great choice for families with kids. This medium breed has a longer than average lifespan and should not be left alone for extended periods of time. 


Siamese cats are terrific companions for anyone trying to find an affectionate pal to play with! These cats enjoy the company of anyone – human or not. They are highly trainable, inquisitive, and affectionate. Like the Burmese, Siamese cats are very vocal and expressive. They are known for making a variety of sounds to get your attention. Here’s a list for all the different types of Siamese cats. 


These cats are known for their incredible hunting abilities. Although they are great hunters, they are pretty tame and enjoy human affection. They can be shy with newcomers, but once they open up, they are very loving and affectionate. Manx cats will likely follow you all throughout the house and can be trained to come when you call their names. 

While these cats have been known to exhibit doglike qualities, this list is not exhaustive. Some other notable breeds to look into are American Curls, Turkish Angoras, Birmans, Sphinxes, and rescues! 

Can you train a cat to act like a dog? 

While all cats and dogs are born with a unique personality, the way they grow up can shape their personality as well. Cats are trainable, intelligent animals who are, with patience, more than capable of learning a few tricks. If you use treats or a clicker to train your cat to do things like fetch, perform tricks, or respond to his name, he will learn quicker.  

When deciding what breed to adopt, remember that there are a plethora of factors to consider. While certain breeds are known for having an affectionate side, every cat is different. Speak with your breeder or local shelter to learn more about your potential future cat and schedule a visit beforehand if possible! 

In general, a cat’s personality is largely shaped by their environment. If your cat has been surrounded with humans, dogs, and lots of affection at a young age, it’s more likely they will grow up to possess some doglike qualities! 

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