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10 Largest Dog Breeds In The World

June 8, 2022

Bernese Mountain Dog

Looking to add a furry family member? Large dog lover? Wondering what the biggest dog breeds are?

Having a dog of any size requires a lot of maintenance, care, and attention. From teacup poodles to Great Danes, there is lots of variety across the dog species regarding size.

It’s hard not to love a furry gentle giant! Large dogs can be a great family addition but can also require a little bit more work. It is good to consider the implications of having such a huge furry friend before welcoming one into your home.

If you’re looking to adopt a big dog, you may be interested in some of these canines!

Let’s break down the ten most giant breeds – and some of their characteristics.

1. Great Danes

Great Dane 

If you’ve ever seen a Great Dane walking down the street, you might’ve done a double-take. These dogs can even look like small horses with an average height of 26-34 inches. Great Danes can weigh up to 200 pounds, so taking the space of your home into account when considering adopting this breed is essential. Don’t be alarmed by their size, though! This breed is notably gentle, kind and loyal. Many say that Great Danes are the gentle giants of the dog world. Because of their size, they need lots of exercise and activity to keep them healthy. Here’s a guide of some of the most common great dane health problems we think you should know.

2. Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees

Bred initially as protectors of sheep, livestock, and people, these dogs are intelligent, kind, and loyal. They have a thick white coat and a large, muscular build. Great Pyrenees require lots of stimulation and exercise, and they shed quite a bit. They can weigh between 85 and 100 pounds, so make sure your couch is ready for a new large addition! Given their large size, they require a lot of space. And as they have a strong mind of their own, training should be a priority if you adopt a Great Pyrenees.

3. English Mastiffs

English Mastiff 

English Mastiffs are known to be highly loyal, courageous, and docile (and excessive droolers). So don’t let their size fool you! Their hearts are just as big as they are, so they are great with kids. They have an average weight of 130- 220 pounds. These large dogs require lots of space and love and might not be happy in a small home or apartment. They are notably emotional and sensitive and typically prefer to be the only dog in your family.

4. Newfoundlands


Originally from Newfoundland, Canada, these dogs were first bred to be working dogs. This breed is well suited for cold climates and does well with families, other people, and other dogs. They have very thick fur, so expect a lot of shedding, and beware if you live in a warmer climate as they might be uncomfortable with the temperature. Tall and heavy Newfoundlands can average between 100 and 150 pounds. This breed can also require a lot of training; you might not want a 150-pound troublemaker wandering around your home

5. Saint Bernards

Saint Bernard 

Saint Bernards are sweet, agreeable and are great family dogs. They do well with other dogs, strangers, and kids. Notably, they are not likely to bark or howl. They are very playful but also love to spend time in their beds. Saint Bernards do well with strangers and are relatively easy going. Due to their very thick coat, they do well in colder climates and require a lot of fur upkeep. These dogs are very playful and have high energy levels, weighing in at an average of 120-180 pounds.

6. Doberman Pinschers

Doberman Pinschers

This breed was originally bred as guard dogs, making socialization important from the beginning. With that said, they are typically good family dogs and do well with people. Due to their high levels of intelligence, they are easy and eager to train! Although on the lighter side of average weight on this list at 60 to 80 pounds – they are very tall. They may prefer to be the only dog in your household but get along well with children. Doberman Pinschers have a moderate energy level but still need lots of activity due to their large size. You may also be interested in Miniature Pinscher.

7. Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dog

Originally from Switzerland, these dogs were bred to work on farms and in the mountains as workers to help pull, herd, and be companions to farmers. These dogs have a beautiful and easily noticeable three-tone coat, but it can require lots of upkeep as they shed considerably. These make great family dogs and have a good temperament, and are known to be very sweet dogs. Bernese Mountain Dogs weigh in on average at 70-115 pounds.

8. Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

This protective breed is known for its intelligence, loyalty, and guarding skills. Because they were bred to be protectors, these dogs might not be the best family dogs if you have kids. But don’t let that deter you! They can be very loving but might need consistent socialization to reduce their territorial nature. Easy to train, this breed is brilliant and intuitive. Anatolian Shepherd Dogs has an average weight of 80 to 150 pounds and does well in cold weather.

9. Scottish Deerhounds

With an adorable scruffy coat, Scottish Deerhounds boasts being one of the tallest in the world. They were originally bred as hunting dogs and have a love of running. For this reason, they need lots of outdoor exercise and might require a closed-in area to be safely active. This breed is very family-oriented and loyal – because of this, they can get separation anxiety and don’t do very well when left alone. Weighing in around 75 to 110 pounds, this loving hound might be the perfect larger-than-life lapdog for your family.

10. Black Russian Terriers

Don’t get confused with what you might typically think of when you see terrier breeds; these dogs weigh in on average at 80 to 140 pounds! Bred to be guard dogs, Black Russian Terries are highly intelligent and may prefer to be the only dog in your household. Their protective nature makes them loyal family dogs, but they might be nervous or react poorly to strangers. Their thick black coat is guaranteed to shed a lot, so be prepared to maintain grooming practices.

Wanting a large dog with an even larger heart?

These dog breeds are just as prominent in size as they are in intelligence, love, and loyalty. Some are better for colder climates, families, and new dog owners than others, so make sure to do your research before adopting a big dog. Having one of these large dogs can be a lot of work, but there is nothing better than having a larger-than-life furry family member! Make sure you are prepared for the time, effort, and space that these breeds need before deciding to welcome one into your home.


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