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Author: Spot Pet Insurance

Woman with Laptop and Dog on Bed

National “Work Like a Dog” Day

SPOT Pet Insurance Employer Benefits program lets employers provide pet insurance to employees with a discount. Work like a dog, get a treat. Enquire today.

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Collar or Harness?

Some dogs pull or yank making walking them very difficult. While big dogs are more likely to pull, some small dogs pull, too, often to the point of choking themselves.

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dog walking risks

Dog Walking Risks & Dangers

Walking your pup seems like a safe and healthy activity for both you and your pooch. And it is, for the most part.

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Is Your Dog Happy?

A happy dog is a healthy dog! We know how much you love your good boy (or girl) and how important their happiness is to you.

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Is Your Dog Anxious?

We all know dogs that have major episodes of anxiety circumstantially, like during thunderstorms or fireworks. But what about dogs that just always seem somewhat on edge?

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Do your kids want a dog?!

Growing up with a dog is great for kids. Not only does a dog teach responsibility, but your kids will benefit from their loyalty, unconditional love, and affection.

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Is Your Cat Happy?

Certain cat behaviors are telltale signs of their physical and emotional health. As a cat parent, you probably feel confident that your feline friend is happy and content.

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Have Your Pet Spayed or Neutered

The decision to spay or neuter your pet is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. In terms of benefits, it’s also the best decision you can make for their wellbeing.

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Pet Spas

Does your pup need a spa day? It’s no question that as a society, we’re dog-obsessed, but did you know there are actual spas and spa services just dogs?

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Cat Scratching Everything?!

Our cats are lovable, fluffy members of our family who sometimes exhibit an incredibly annoying and destructive behavior.

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