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Author: Spot Pet Insurance

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Cat with Holiday Presents

How to Help Animals this Holiday Season

Help animals this holiday season: volunteer, foster, donate, share. SPOT Pet Insurance applauds all the active pet parents in the community.

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Havanese Dog Running in Grass

SPOT Customer Story: Meeko the Havanese Puppy

“I was super surprised how much puppies go to the vet. It’s a relief to have pet insurance.”

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Pug and Thanksgiving Dish

Can My Dog Eat Turkey?

Make sure you know which parts of the feast your pet can and cannot partake in this holiday season.

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Black pug laying on the ground

The Cost of Dog Diabetes

We’re breaking down the frequently asked questions about diabetes in dogs and the related costs.

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Orange Cat on Table

The Cost of Cat Diabetes

Answers to common questions about diabetes in cats including the treatment options and costs.

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Cesar Millan with Dog

How to Mentally Stimulate Your Dog with Cesar Millan

SPOT Chairman Cesar Millan shares ideas on how to keep your dog mentally stimulated.

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Golden Retriever and Christmas Lights

Planning Seasonal Travel? Tips for Pet Care While on Holiday

A look at the many holiday pet care options available for you to help you get your furry friend the best care.

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Young dog being pet

Why Adopt a Shelter Dog?

Considering getting a dog? 11 Reasons to adopt a shelter dog.

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Woman giving pet CBD oil

CBD for Pets

Does CBD have benefits for our non-human besties? Here’s a look at using CBD treats for dogs and cats.

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Service dog in vest outside

Service Dog Etiquette

What you should know about the different types of certified service dogs and how to behave around them.

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Happy dog on walking trail

Low-Cost Pet Insurance Options

SPOT is proud to offer Accident-Only coverage, high deductible, and low annual limit options to allow for lower custom premiums.

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Cat and string holiday lights

Cat Safety: 5 Holiday Hazards to Avoid

Avoid these 5 holiday hazards to help keep your cat safe and sound this holiday season.

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Cesar and Sophia

Tips for Adopting a Rescue with Cesar Millan

Tips for starting off on the right foot with your rescue pet.

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Vet Staff with Pomeranian

Vet Tech Appreciation

Vet techs play a big role in making sure our furry friends receive the care they need. Be sure to show your vet tech you appreciate them!

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Pit Bull looking out window

What Are the Most Common Pit Bull Health Issues?

Pit Bulls are predisposed to certain conditions, and it’s wise to keep watch for these more typical health issues.

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