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Can Your Pet Tell You When They're Sick?

That’s one sick puppy...And it’s Flu season, you are not the only one that is affected by this. Did you know that just like humans, your dog can catch airborne viruses? This is not just the flu, your pet is just as likely to catch something as you. This would mean contaminating objects, environments, water bowls and being around other pets that are infected with the virus. Kennel cough which is extremely contagious, is a highly infectious respiratory infection. We all know the unwanted symptoms of an infectious virus. Unlike humans your pet can’t inform you of what may be wrong. There is nothing worse than not being able to wipe your own runny nose… 

The chances of your pet getting sick, is just as unfortunate as the bills that follow. As a pet owner you know more than anyone that there is no over the counter medicine to take care of your best friend in these situations. Things start to become pricey and stressful… But what if I told you that your pet was covered? What if I told you that your pet visit wouldn’t break your bank for some easy fix? 

When you have options things don’t seem to be as bad, your not left with only one decision to make. With Spot Pet Insurance, you can have a worry free vet visit. And I know what you're already thinking… and we have an answer.

Insurance is so expensive, even for humans. Well, Spot Pet Insurance provides you with the convenience of building your own plan. You as the pet owner, have the choice to choose your plan that works for you and your pet. While some insurance companies choose your plan that works best for your pet, Spot Pet Insurance not only provides you with a plan that think is best for your pet, but lets you have the option to customize so that your pet is getting the proper care. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to get covered! Your Best Friend isn’t going to be the only one who will be affected. Don’t worry your bank will fur-give you later!

Here's How You Get Started:

Step 1: Select your pet type



Step 2: Answer a few questions about yourself and your pet and submit. Design your pet’s  custom plan in less than 60 seconds.