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Dog & Cat

Get Help Finding Peace of Mind with Spot

Pet insurance provides support for pet accident and illness emergencies.

For example... If your pet gets an eligible vet bill of $1,394 for a covered accident, a pet insurance plan from Spot could reimburse you $1,254.**

Customizable Pet Insurance Options

Compare customizable insurance plans to see how Spot Pet Insurance stacks up against the competition. Spot Pet Insurance plans have a variety of customizable coverage options, including:


Reimbursement Percentage


Annual Limit


Annual Deductible

Why Spot Pet Insurance?

We offer customizable plans for accident and illness, and our preventive care coverage is at an additional cost

  1. Personalized plans for accident and illness, and preventive care coverage for an added cost.
  2. Supported holistic approach to your dog's health with plan options that cover behavioral problems and alternative therapies used to treat covered conditions.
  3. Access to 24/7 VetConnectpet telehealth helpline.

NEW Quickpay Feature for Preventive Care Coverage

QuickPay feature helps policyholders with Preventive Care Coverage get reimbursed for routine vet bills quickly. Take advantage of this option by adding Preventive Care Coverage when you check out (as low as +$9.95/month)

**Reimbursement example illustrates reimbursement for an eligible vet bill from a plan with a 90% reimbursement rate, assuming that the annual deductible has already been satisfied