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About Spot Pet Insurance

We believe that pets are part of the family. We strive to help them lead longer, healthier lives and reduce pet parent worry with our insurance plans and customer service.
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Spot for Pet Wellness

Spot knows that your pets are part of your family. As pet parents ourselves, we make their overall health and wellbeing our top priority. That’s why we provide the highest quality pet-centric coverage and first-class service. We believe that pet wellness benefits our wellbeing, and we're committed to helping pets lead happy, healthy lives.

Spot works hard to deserve your trust with clear explanation of benefits and responsive associates who are ready to answer your questions. We give you a human connection, sending “get well” notes for your pets and providing access to telehealth resources.

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Informed Pet Parents
When you join Spot, you join one of the fastest growing pet insurance providers. We’re a community of pet lovers dedicated to pet wellness and pet parent education. We share expert tips, tricks and knowledge and are always striving to be more informed pet parents.
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Holistic Health
We stand apart from the competition with some of the most encompassing coverage options at competitive prices. Our plans include coverage options for alternative therapy, behavioral training, vitamins and supplements, and even preventative care*.
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Car, health, home…insurance can be complicated. We want pet insurance to be easy. In the quotes, claims, and reimbursement processes, we implement technology and customer service to make your experience as simple as possible. Submit claims the way that works for you: online, email, fax, or through our app.