Because pets deserve the same caliber of healthcare that people receive, Spot Pet Insurance places the wellbeing of pets at the center of our first-class coverage. Our dedication to a world of healthier pets and happier owners is evident in the many ways Spot coverage compares to the competition. There are some notable differences between Spot and Petplan when it comes to what you are required to do before you are eligible for a vet bill reimbursement.

Pet Care Plan Requirements

Spot Pet Insurance covers your dog or cat without the completion of any exam prior to receiving reimbursement for treatment, and regardless of health conditions. We trust you and your vet to know the best treatment plan for your pet.

Petplan requires you to take your pet for an annual check-up and dental cleaning, or you will lose eligibility for claims to be approved. You will also be required to treat your pet with preventative treatments commonly recommended by vets.

Preventative Pet Care

Spot provides the option of preventative care for as little as $9.95 a month, which reimburses you a set amount for a list of services that safeguard your pet from future health concerns through measures like vaccines, and dental cleanings. There is no deductible cost or co-pay required.

Petplan doesn’t offer preventative care coverage. Even though they require preventative care treatments as a requirement.

Behavioral Conditions

Spot covers the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral conditions that may include concerning behavior like excessive licking, fur pulling, and destruction of the home.

Petplan offers behavioral coverage but with an annual limit of $1000.

Prescription Supplements & Food

Spot reimburses you for prescription supplements and foods for covered conditions (excluding weight maintenance) when scripted by your vet to treat covered conditions.

Petplan covers prescription supplements, but not prescription food.


Spot covers your implanting a microchip in your pet, which can help you be reunited with your pet, should they ever be lost.

Petplan doesn’t offer coverage for microchipping.

Multiple Pet Discounts

Have more than one pet? Awesome. Spot gives you a 10% discount for each additional pet.

Petplan doesn’t offer discounts for insuring more than one pet.

Interested in more comparison points? Check out our comparison chart to see a longer list of comparison details.

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